Sunday, August 4, 2013

Power Fishing Trip Report - Central Oregon, August 2013

Just because I can...
Two days, two fisherman, two rivers, and one mission...

Fish until we drop.

There is nothing quite like a power fishing trip... those trips where time is limited, your rods are always rigged and ready to go, every worthwhile looking pull off is explored, and you don't stop until your wife calls and tells you to come home.

My friend and I did that this weekend, and we sure as heck made the most of it.

Camping in the Sunriver area of Oregon leads to many quality fly fishing options, both riverine or lacustrine. It's especially helpful when a thunder and lightning storm moves in on your water, and a 20 minute drive will take you to less lethal waters. If only we had brought our float tubes, we'd have had more opportunities, but I can't complain!

During our weekend power trip we saw more people fishing some of these spots than I ever had before. It was borderline ridiculous at a few of our stops that we fished.

First to the hole, serenity for an hour, then five groups of anglers show up. My favorite section of a particular river was so heavily pressured that it's normally ravenous Brook trout had their bellies to the bottom in a way that I'd never seen before. Thankfully, some helpful local anglers gave us a tip on some currently red hot water nearby... Needless to say, we owe them a beer.

We caught Brooks, Bows, Browns and of course Mr. Whitefish, and we did it on streamers, nymphs, and dries. It was the best 43-hour power trip that I've yet to experience.

My fishing partner caught the biggest trout of his life (twice) and got his first Brown trout on the trip. I, on the other hand, lost the biggest trout of my life (multiple times... one was the size of a damn Steelhead...) and landed my biggest Brown yet. Needless to say, I should've been nymphing with my six weight instead of the five.

Enjoy the pictures and remember to make the most of your "power fishing trips."

Best trout of my friend's fly fishing career... for an hour. Then he caught a bigger one. 
My buddies first Brown trout. Great spotting on this guy.
Lamson reels... getting it done!
Even 13" Brook Trout love to crush streamers... Beautiful fish
My friend's big hen Brown. Love the sparse spotting on this one.
Best fish that I've landed on a 5 wt. You don't have to go to Montana to catch big healthy Browns.
Close-up. Love the blue shine on their gill plate.
Parting shot on the way out. Beautiful country, even prettier fish.


  1. Thanks for the share. Man looks like you were reeling those guys in left and right! Sunriver is a great place to do overnight fly fishing trips. Me and my buddies lug everything up there on our Fishing Carts, set up camp, and then hit the streams. You should definitely try it some time.

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  3. Yeah, I know Sunriver to be a good place for fishing but, wow, your friend was on a roll there! I guess when you’re lucky, you’re lucky. I did enjoy the pictures, as well as reading your power fishing trip. Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Gruenholz

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